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What Our Clients Are Saying

If you’re looking for a loan officer who is honest, helpful, and easy to work with, Will Schroeder will not disappoint. He helped my wife and I through the process of buying our first home, and he remained diligent in completing all tasks, kept us up-to-date on the process, went through all the paperwork and explained everything to us in a way that first-time home buyers could understand. He was always available whenever we had questions (which was all the time), and always had an answer to those questions. We were very fortunate in having Will on our side because although the stresses of home buying were so heavy, he was there to alleviate most of that stress by consistently being on top of everything. He made the experience specific to our needs and we truly felt like we had a friend through it all. Definitely recommended!
-Hannah S.

William Schroeder provided excellent, thorough and personal service. He was an advocate through the process, a personal interaction in the frequently automated world of lending, and a problem solver when real life situations didn’t (and frequently don’t) fit in the automated template. I have always been a rate and fee shopper, yet I would feel disloyal working with anyone else after the service and treatment I received. Thankfully, that would not be an issue as he also provided me the best rate, lowest fees and greatest transparency. I highly recommend Will, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.
-Molly V.

William Schroeder provided excellent service when I bought my first home in 2010. He was very patient with my many questions and thorough in explaining the process in a way that I could understand when it was so foreign and parts were incomprehensible. He connected me, in a timely fashion, to other providers in the field to further the home buying process. My loan was very complicated as a foreclosure, yet he provided assurance in a stressful situation and found answers to the complexities of a bank-owned property. He worked hard endlessly to expedite the process and made me, as the customer, feel like I was his top priority even though he was simultaneously serving many other customers. I highly recommend him as very competent, trustworthy, and genuinely caring for people and for their happiness in home ownership.
-Stephanie W.

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